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At Command Dog Training, we are grateful for our wonderful students. Read some of our unsolicited testimonials!


"We couldn't help but notice that Jax's usual smile was missing from this photo, but he is very happy since his training. Thanks for teaching him to be such a well-behaved dog."
- Marni G.


"Thank you for teaching mommy and daddy to understand my behavior. I know they were a handful. I see a vast improvement in them already.
- Bill and Lynda H.


"Shamrock and I would like to thank you, thank you, thank you! We are so thrilled that we can finally take walks together! I know she is going to miss you.



"I want to thank you for your phone advice and for being a wonderful dog trainer."

Sue and Al M.

"Taylor and Rena"

"Thank you for all you have done - You have taught my mom and dad so much. We will always be a good dogs for that."

- The Anastasios


"Thank you so much for helping me be the best dog. You are a great teacher. My parents thank you also - I'm feeling much happier and definately less bored. I'm sending you this picture so you don't forget how cute I am and you don't forget one of your best students. I'll miss you (and so will my mom and dad.)"
- Hilary and Bill B.


"Thank you for turning Zachary into a calmer, more obedient dog. I appreciate all your patience with both him and me."
- Karon


"Here is a picture we took with our daughter, Kayla, with Buster in our last training lesson. Buster has been doing so great since we learned so much with the lessons. He is a well-behaved dog."
- Dave and Kara B.


"There may be times when you will be sorry about something you said; sorry that you stayed too late, or sorry that you went so early, sorry that you won something or lost, but all you life, you'll never be sorry you were kind."
- Madeline C.


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